Fashion: Shoes to step stylishly into spring

Originally published in the Spartan Daily April 15, 2010: Click here for link

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. It’s that time of year where pedicures are a must and sandals rule the racks.

Most girls can admit they love shoes, and some may even call it a problem. Whether it be heels, flats or tennis shoes, some girls get weak in the knees when they spot a pair they must have.

After all, there are situations where a pair of shoes can complete or even become the center of an entire outfit.

As seen in previous seasons, light- and mid-tone neutral shoes are reappearing, as well as tans, beiges, taupes and creams.

If you prefer a bit of color on your feet, there will still be several non-neutral shades to choose from this spring, with shades of blues and greens popping off the runway.

The gladiator sandal is a must-have. An edgier, trendier version of just the normal

T-strap or flip-flop sandal, the gladiator sandal is versatile and can be worn with any one of these spring trends.

To give these Roman-inspired sandals a modern look, many designers have adorned them with pyramid studs and rhinestones to fulfill every girl’s style.

Another piece of spring foot-candy is the nomad sandal. This sandal looks like the traditional T-strap sandal, but has suede or leather wrapped around the ankle. Some nomad sandals wrap up to the shin.

The gladiator and the nomad sandals are neutral in color and tone and would complement any daytime spring look.Another seasonal trend, and all-around favorite, is the ballerina flat.

These feminine, but edgy, shoes can be worn with almost anything, from dresses to boy shorts, and come in many styles. Flats with sequins, studs, laces and wild prints are essential this spring.

After spending a couple of seasons hanging out in the back of closets, wedges have made their comeback for spring 2010.

Feel free to let the inner animal come out as animal-print wedges are a more comfortable and trendy alternative to the stiletto this spring.

When walking, there is more support from a thicker wedge than a skinny heel.

Another heel making a statement this spring is the army-inspired peep-toe bootie.

Booties with camouflage coloring and straps have been up and down the runways this season – from Guess to Marc Jacobs, the bootie is all the rage this spring.

People may wonder why some girls love shopping for shoes and it may be because shoes say so much about an outfit.

A pair of heels can dress up a pair of denim and a pair of flats can give a skirt and blouse a casual feel. Shoes, along with handbags, can display quality and craftsmanship.

How heels are created and put together and how leather is cut, formed and stretched to form sandals and flats can tell a lot about how a shoe was made. A woman’s shoes can go a long way toward telling who she is, what she is like, and what she does with her life.

In the movie “Forrest Gump,” it was Mrs. Gump who said that you could tell a lot about a person by the type of shoes they wear, and she has a point.

Shoes, just like clothes, can represent a person entirely.


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