White After Labor Day: Fashion Do? Or Faux Pas?

At one time or another, we have heard the expression that after Labor Day, which is usually the first Monday in September, the color white is to disappear from our wardrobe and not appear again until the following summer. I’ve never had much white in


my wardrobe, but I have always wondered where this rule of fashion came from.

According to Time Magazine article, not wearing white after Labor Day ties into seasonal etiquette. When September comes, it is assumed the fall season has begun and to store all the linen worn over the summer and start wearing your fall wardrobe. Many in the fashion industry believe white is not a very fall color. But do not fret, there are ways to incorporate white in the fall season in minimal ways. A scarf, for example, and white tops are acceptable after Labor Day. I think the “no white after Labor Day rule” is emphasizing that after September 6, those white summer dresses, the sandals, and all the light weight items you used to keep cool this summer, need to be swapped out for those knits, boots, and darker colors.


On the other hand, the thought of wearing cashmere in this 95 degree weather is madness. We do live in California and summer has finally decided to kick in this past week. Never the less, we should try to ease our way into our fall wardrobe this weekend.

If white is a very good color for you and parting with it for the fall season is heart-breaking, think about switching it out for the color tan or beige. Camel is a huge color this fall and if you think about it, white and camel are quite close. The color camel can also be worn in both the spring and fall season. Again, white does not have to entirely leave your wardrobe; white tops are completely fine to wear. As far as accessories, I would not go beyond scarves. White hang bags and shoes are definitely more of a spring and summer accessory and should be put away until the following summer.

But if rules do not apply to you and you want to wear your white Manolo’s this season, then go ahead. Some say this rule is passé, I think it comes down to personal taste and if all else fails, just get a second opinion.


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