The Magic of Shapewear

Shapewear has came a long way since the days of whale-bone corsets, when breathing while in one was not an option. For as long as women have been wearing form fitting clothes, we have squeezed and stuffed our bodies to force them into a dress that’s a little smaller than we remember.

This is nothing new. In 2000, Oprah announced on her show how much she loved Spanx and how essential they are to a woman’s wardrobe. After that, other celebrities started talking about how much they love Spanx and wear them to red-carpet events.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the size of the shapewear market has tripled over that time. Shapewear produced $750 million in annual sales through the end of 2008, according to market-research firm NPD Group.

When shopping for shapewear, the number one thing all women must know is do not get your shapewear a size smaller or larger. Go with your true measurements. Also, it’s not always necessary to go for a full body suit if you feel you don’t need one. Shapewear comes in all shapes, sizes and needs for each woman.

If looking for a slip that is comfortable to wear all day Barely There’s nylon-spandex full body slip is worth a try. Flexees by Maidenform has the perfect slip to wear under skirts that will smooth out hips and thighs.

A great shaper that smooths and flattens your tummy is Wacoal’s nylon-spandex shape thong. This one will help conceal your tummy and leaves no panty lines. This same style will also help with back rolls and muffin top.

My personal favorite and the ultimate piece of shapewear is the high-waist mid thigh design. This type usually starts right under the bust line and goes down to the thighs, easily making any woman look five pounds thinner. Spanx has the high-waist power panty which works wonders, as does Jockey.

Need some help in the arm area? Sassybax has an armed and dangerous shaping t-shirt that will slim down your arms and tummy.

How about an extra bump in the trunk? Brazilian Bump has a padded panty that is a one piece bikini cut panty with adjustable side straps for a custom fit. Curved one inch foam padding gives the appearance of high shapely buttocks, without lifting your rear end or adding bulky padding.

A concern women may have when wearing or shopping for shapewear is how can shapewear look sexy or not have the shapewear look. To help with that, Sara Blakely designed a line for Spanx called Haute Contour–a line of shapewear paired with lace and sexy mesh. These body helpers are sleek, sexy, and slim down your body. Soma Intimates and Slim by Cynthia Rowley also have a line of sexy briefs that provide tummy support.

I could not imagine my wardrobe without any form of shape wear. If any women has ever thought twice or even felt bad for buying shapewear, don’t. Nobody is perfect. Work with what have and use the shaping tools that are available to help with those problem areas.


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