Charity Fashion Show 2011 Preview

Charity Fashion Show (CFS) is less than ten days shy of what producer and director of public relations Thom Scher says will, “completely blow people away, this years event will be different, larger than the previous CFS years.”

CFS is a nonprofit organization that promotes ethnic and cultural diversity and global outreach in the fashion industry and has been declared the largest fashion show on the west coast since 2009.

This year, CFS is taking a six-inch stiletto heel from its previous home at Stanford’s Roble Fields and heading to San Francisco with a set list of more than 40 designers. Scher says the choice of moving to San Francisco “produces many opportunities for an event to be a launching platform for models, designers and stylists.” CFS strives to promote local designers which this year includes Magdalena Trever swimsuit designs, Kittinhawk and Emily Rubin.

CFS also has the bigger names showing this year such Gap, Andrew Christian (a men’s underwear line that is always a crowd pleaser for the ladies) and Christie Brown, who will be making her U.S. premiere with her African inspired clothing and accessories.

Proceeds from this year’s CFS will be the Princess Project. This organization provides young girls who cannot afford them free prom dresses and accessories. CFS could not pick a better organization that makes girls feel valued, Scher says.

I have been to the past two CFS fashion shows and they certainly are a show you will not forget nor want to miss. The date is April 2 at the Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason in San Francisco.

To buy tickets, visit


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