Charity Fashion Show 2011

There were more than 1,000 people inside the Fort Mason Center Saturday, as San Francisco was certainly the place to be as Charity Fashion Show2011 was in full effect with people not just from the Bay Area, but from Los Angeles, New York and even as far as Africa.

The evening started at the pre-show lounge which had wine tasting, flipbooks from The Laugh Box, a red carpet photo opportunity and live t-shirt screen printing from San Franpsycho.

More than 40 designers went down the runway. One of the most diverse designer set lists I’ve seen. All of the designers were unique and eccentric, but I of course had my favorites.

Frock Los Angles was the fifth designer to hit the runway, the looks took me back to Hollywood in the 1940’s and 1950’s. When accessories for women meant gloves and hats, not cell phones. Frock LA’s line was clean and tailored. No prints, just solid colors of black, red, white and gray. Sleeveless jumpers, long leather gloves and high-waisted trousers, paired with newsboy caps and scarves were some of my favorite combinations from Frock LA.

My other favorite that evening were the looks of Rag Doll Designers. San Franciscan designer Larissa Verdussen designs were appealing because her looks were all the same material and same white vintage lace pattern, but the designs were modern and edgy. Romanic and feminine, yet contemporary and empowering.
Also a Bay Area native was Magadalena Trever and her swimwear line. Amazing knitted bikinis and one pieces that looked sexy, chic and comfy to wear on any hot summer day at the beach.

And of course, one of the crowds favorite was men’s underwear designer Andrew Christian. The male models at CFS 2011 were a hit as they strutted down the runway in their very modern and eddy version of tighty-whities.

After a night full of lace, heels, underwear and bikinis, the highlight of the evening was knowing donations and proceeds from CFS will be going to the Princess Project. An organization that helps to provide prom dresses and accessories for low-income youth. CFS 2011 was a show that provided beauty and benefit. CFS will also be accepting additional dress donations for the Princess Project until April 15.

“I am extremely happy with the show as a whole, we knew that what we wanted to do would be extremely challenging, but I think that the final product was certainly a success” said Charity Fashion Show’s producer and director of public relations Thom Scher.

Charity Fashion 2011 not only promoted awareness to a wonderful and worthy cause, but the show itself was a step forward that San Francisco and the Bay Area do have a fashion scene and that it is alive and well and only bigger things are to come and show how big fashion in San Francisco can truly be

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