Golden Globes Best & Worst Dressed

Best Dressed:

Emma Stone in Lanvin

Stone look glamorous and elegant while still keeping her youthful rock and roll edge to her with the eagle belt accent. Her hair and makeup paired the dress well, again staying with her youthful, rebel spirt.


Jessica Biel wearing a vintage dress

I love everything about this look. Biel’s hair, makeup, lip color, the works. I love lace and I love nude, I love it all. Image

My Favorite, Rooney Mara in Nina Ricci.

Her hair and makeup was so effortless it allowed the dress to stand alone. She carried herself well and when asked how she felt in the dress she said she feel comfortable.


Worst Dressed:

Natalie Portman

It pains me to put such an amazing actor who usually makes the best dressed list on the worst dressed list. The material of her dress is heavy and looks cheap. Portman looks like she’s ready for a 90’s prom. The hair, makeup and jewelry were amazing, but i can help but wonder who allowed her to walk the red carpet is such an awful fabric.

Zooey Dechanal in custom Prada

I love the dress, but her hair is what I think didn’t do it for me. I was surprised Dechanel could pull off such a high-fashion dress from such a high-fashion designer, but the hair should have been up. Keeping her hair down took away from the dress, not allowing to see it’s beauty.


One thought on “Golden Globes Best & Worst Dressed

  1. Totally agree- Natalie’s dress was terrible! Bridesmaid dress fabric, plus the super unflattering squarish thing on the side… Yikes. But I like Zooey’s hair! Very mod (I’m biased, what can I say!) ❤

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