Current Obsessions

As winter comes slowly to an end, I think about what I want to add to my wardrobe and apartment as spring is around the corner. These items are good for all seasons, which makes them great add on to any outfit or apartment.

Chunky Heels:

I have switched out my painful stilettos for chic, comfy, chunky platform heels. Thicker is better after all. A thick pair of heels allow an all day wear and for a city girl like me, all day wear is a must. Chunky heels give women the extra height they desire, but doesn’t do the damage to their feet as a skinny heel.

Seychelles $90

Dolce Vita $219

Target’s Massimo $30

Owl Decor:

I cannot get enough of owl decor! Yes, the owl is among the group of trendy animals, but I can help but have them all over my apartment. The owl dinnerware is by far my favorite.

Owl Doormat $20

Owl Measuring Cups $24

Owl Cereal Bowl $20

Big-Faced Watches:

In a world where it’s second nature to check our cell phones for the time, why not take it back to where time was on our hands. A watch is a great accessory and instantly gives women an professional, chic look.

Michael Kors: $250

Betsey Johnson $65

Timex $45


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