Steal Her Look: Zooey Deschanel

The New Girl ‘s first season is almost coming to a close and now more than ever are people loving and admiring how ‘Jess’ or Zooey Deschanel puts together her lady-like, classy outfits together. Deschanel and the character she plays are a fan of bright colors, fun prints and cute flats. Her looks are comfortable, but never sacrifice style. I admire how Deschanel’s looks prove that less is more and elegant and dashing are better than exposing it all. What’s even better? Each of the items below are $50 or less! You don’t have to break the bank to look adorkable.

1. Messes of Dresses Turquoise Dress $38

2. Keep You Close to Sea Necklace $13

3. Vince Camuto Studded Bow Belt $50

4. J.Crew Jackie Cardigan $62

5. Ni-kiyo Black Flats $35


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