Friday Finds: Suburb Swap Meet

Be it that it’s Easter on Sunday, I left Los Angeles for the weekend to be with my family and help my feisty niece find eggs. I’m from a suburb about 60 miles east from LA, the Inland Empire, specially Rialto. It’s always nice visiting family and old friends and hanging out at nostalgic locations from high school.

My Friday night consisted of going to the Colton swap meet, some call it the flee market, where it’s 50 cents to enter and there are rows after rows of vendors. I assure anyone you can find whatever you’re looking for at the swap meet, from socks and shoes to video games to pots and pans, they have it all.

I never expect to find anything, but then, like a diamond in a cave was a husband and wife selling the cutest vintage tops, dresses and luggage! I have a soft spot for vintage and as seen in another Friday Finds, I love hunting for second hand treasures. Shopping vintage can be real tricky, there is a fine line between using vintage pieces to give your closet a retro, sophisticated look and looking dated.

Fit is very important, especially in the shoulders, try to stay away from pieces that are too boxy. Another tip is to be selective with prints and always keep an eye out for current styles and prints and then compare those to your vintage finds.

Below are my finds from the swap meet. I went with bright colors since color blocking is a huge trend this season. The florals are a print I can see at H&M and the dress is just too cute to pass on. I love what I found and I’m looking forward to making them my own.


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