Finding the Perfect Red Lipstick

In antiquity, the color red was thought to be the first color perceived by man, it was thought to fight off evil. In the 18th century, it was a popular color to wear as a wedding gown. Currently, in some cultures it is still popular for a bride to wear a red veil to symbolize love and fertility.

An even more powerful statement is when a woman chooses to adorn red lips. Sexy comes in different skin tones and it’s important to find a red lipstick that suits the tone of your skin.

Warm Skin Tones/Olive Skin

If you have golden skin and your hair has a golden or reddish tone, a wine or a burgundy color would be best. Try this Korres plum color.

If you have dark hair and olive skin you can get away with those fire reds. I LOVE MAC’s Russian Red as well as NARS Jungle Red.

Cool Skin Tones/Light Skin

A cooler skin tone, which is rosy or olive skin, light eyes and darker hair should try a scarlet-blue red. A red lipstick with a blue undertone, like the Bare Escentuals Red Delicious.

If you’re a lighter completion a coral-red or orange-red would suit you best. Try Illamasqua in Flare.

Vegan Alternative 

My newest red lipstick obsession has been Emani Cosmetics Promiscuous. It’s long lasting, amazing on ALL skin tones and is vegan and cruelty free.

What to do With the Rest of your Face

If you’re not sure what to apply to your cheeks and eyes when wearing a red lip, the best thing is to keep it simple. Black eyeliner, mascara and a neutral or plum cheek match well with red lips. If this is an evening affair, a smokey eye complement red lips very well.


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