Den.m Bar

Last weekend I had the privilege of visiting Den.m Bar in Downtown LA where they create and fit custom denim for their customers. The experience for customer starts when they walk into the bright space and choose the type of denim they want for their jeans. From there, they choose the cut and after that they chose the zippers, button and lining. When  Den.m Bar  says custom, they mean custom down to the T.

From start to finish it takes about two to three weeks for customers to get their pair of jeans. As far as pricing, they start at around $200 depending on the denim customer chooses. It was a fun experience and I hope to go back and get a pir of my own!

Leather patch that goes on back of the denim.

Pick a lining, any lining.


3 thoughts on “Den.m Bar

  1. Very cool concept since I’m a big fan of bespoke products. love how den.m bar lets you can customize everything from pocket lining to the fabric! Can’t wait to check out the store this week!

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