Holiday Gift Guides-$50 & Under

The holidays are officially here and I’m counting down the days until I’m eating my mom’s homemade tamales! I’m about halfway done with my holiday shopping, which for me is pretty good. I come from a large family, being one of six children. I have two brothers who both have wives, my three sisters and my mom; on top of nieces and nephews. We all know the holidays are not about how much money you spend, they’re about spending time with your loved ones and being happy for the little things (like you haven’t heard that before).

No matter if you come from a big family like me or you’re on a budget this year or both, there is no need to break the bank and stress yourself out on what to buy your loved ones.

This has been am amazing year for Glitter on the Ceiling and I’m so thankful for everyone who has stumbled upon my blog and have given it a read. I hope you have great holiday season and great things are to come in 2013!

Holiday Gifts $50 and Under

1. Aldo Watch $40

2. J.Crew iPhone Battery Backup $39.50

3. Anthropologie Loop Scarf $38

4. Alphabet Stamp Kit $34.50

5. Neon Chain Necklace $34.80

6. Oversized Sunglasses $38

7. Baies Scented Oval $45

8. Los F*ckin Angeles Pouch $38 from Kitson LA

9. Metallic Heart Clutch $45

10. Rose Petal Petits Fours $50

Holiday Gift $25 and Under

1. Sparkle Headband $25

2. Retro Calendar $21.95

3. Concrete Jungle Nail Polish by Pams and Kin $10

4. Geometric iPhone Case $18

5. LORAC Cosmetics Holiday Delight Collection $25

6. Grillz by Pams and Kin $12

7. Chalkboard Spice Jar $12

8. Melissa Veia: At the Opera Earrings $25

9. Triangle Ring $20

10. Blackboard Piggy Bank $24.95


2 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guides-$50 & Under

  1. awesome! love your gift guides. hmmm…i already want stuff on both of those…oh, but wait – I’m supposed to be shopping for other people. 🙂

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