Music Monday: Caught a Ghost

I’ve been on the hunt for new local music and I recently came across Los Angeles duo Caught a Ghost after some digging around the interwebs. Now, you would NEVER think of mixing genres dub-step with blues and soul, it sounds like a mistake, right? But that’s exactly what producer Jesse Nolan and vocalist/drummer Stephen Edelstein do and they do it well, really well. I love blues and soul music and dub-step is very hit and miss for my taste, but Caught a Ghost will hopefully intrigue you enough to sit up and listen to their free EP CAG Mixtape they released last year. If you want to hear the duo really kick ass at combining the two genres listen to the track Sleeping at Night. The other track I have below is Hold Out and not only is song easy on the ears, the video is divine. The Hold Out video has amazing shots around Los Angeles, from the LA River to streets in Hollywood, there is nothing I love more than seeing an LA band feature their own city in music videos. Keep these guys on your radar because you’re going to be hearing more of them. Happy Monday! ❤



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