Music Monday: The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s {NEW singles}

When it comes to Music Monday’s I try and keep it local, but sometimes I post songs that are stuck in my head. This week, this morning, I received news via Facebook and Spin’s website that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs will be releasing an album in April. This. Makes. Me. Happy. The YYY’s are one of favorite bands and since their 2009 release of It’s Blitz, I’ve been missing me some YYY’s. They recently performed in Pomona, California at the GlassHouse (yes, I tried getting tickets, but they sold out before I blinked) where they played two songs from their upcoming album Mosquito.

Listening to both songs and from what I’ve read online, Karen O., Brian Chase, and Nick Zinner are going back to their roots. Their punk, really loud and unapologetic roots and I couldn’t be happier. One of my favorite albums, more like EP from the YYY’s is their self-titled Yeah Yeah Yeahs album with the most amazing song ever, Art Star.

They may not go THIS far back to their roots, but mixing this, along with their sound from the Machine EP is still amazing news. April cannot come soon enough!! Below you’ll find two YouTube videos, Mosquito and Earth, both from the upcoming album. You’ll also find Art Star, that one you want to listen to VERY loud. 😉


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