Where All the Magic Happens: Inside Jenny Dayco’s Studio

L.A. girl Jenny Dayco, who resides in Hollywood, started making jewelry for herself  more than a decade ago because she wasn’t happy with plus size clothing at the time, she says. Yet she, like many girls, wanted to be fashion forward and have options when putting a look together. It was the lack of options that inspired Dayco to create bold and exciting jewelry and accessories.

“Everything was instinct,” says Dayco, “Combining different things and then finding [the design] out later.”

It can take Dayco anywhere from two minutes to a couple of hours to make an item, but it’s the first go at a design that can take the most time, “the first of anything takes the longest” she says, “But once I’ve made it, making another takes no time.”

Because of Dayco’s versatility with her designs, it’s no surprise that an eclectic list of celebrities have worn her jewelry, from Ashlee Simpson, to Kelly Clarkson to Ke$ha, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Sofia Vegara, you name her, she’s probably has been spotted adorning a little bling from this Los Angeles designer.

Not only do I have photos from inside Jenny Dayco’s Hollywood studio, but I also have exclusive access to a couple of images that will be appearing in her upcoming lookbook, featuring one 0f my favorite bloggers and friends, Chanelle from The Penelope Times!

GlitterontheCeiling.comGlitterontheCeiling.com GlitterontheCeiling.com GlitterontheCeiling.com GlitterontheCeiling.com GlitterontheCeiling.com GlitterontheCeiling.com IMG_0234 GlitterontheCeiling.com


Sneak Peek of Jenny Dayco’s Spring 2013 lookbook featuring Chanelle from The Penelope Times!

Jenny Dayco SS13 Jenny Dayco SS13


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