Sunrise, Sunset

I love wearing color, I do, but there is something about wearing all black that makes me feel comfortable and kinda sexy. I don’t wear all black as often as use to, but a couple times a week I adorn an all black (or mostly all black) look. I know what you may be thinking, “is it because you’re chubby/plus size?” and no, it’s not. It has nothing to do with wanting to hide or conceal anything, I love and honor every single one of my curves as all women should, no matter their size or shape. ❤

Black is effortlessly stylish and always makes a statement. It also allows you to really play with accessories, bold and bright shoes, crazy jewelry, a printed head scarf, maybe all three.

Do you have all black days? How do you play up an all black outfit?

*Note: I’ve cut my bangs since I took these photos, thank goodness!




Top: Obey || Skirt: ASOS Curve || Necklace: c/o Jenny Dayco || Sunglasses: Elizabeth and James c/o Rue La La


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