Hollywood & Fine: Mitch Stone Volumizing Spray

In the last year and a half, I’ve  ventured into the world of texturizing sprays. Texture sprays or volumizing texture sprays are products you put in your hair to give it volume and to make it appear thicker. Although my hair is long, it’s not very thick and can sometimes lay a little flat. Volumizing spray gives my hair that extra movement and presence. My newest adventure with volumizing texture spray lead me to try a newer one from Mitch Stone.

Celebrity stylist Mitch Stone developed his volumizing texture spray as a solution for fine, limp hair in need of volume, texture and dimension.  What’s inside this volumizing texture spray is a unique formula of vitamins and fruit extract (called VCompS), which infuses locks with extra body and lightweight, flexible hold.

What’s also beneficial about this spray is that it contains vitamin E for color protection and split end prevention, vitamin C – a highly effective antioxidant that protects cells from environmental free radical damage, vitamin B3 for moisture and emollience, B5 for its reparative properties, B6 for stimulation of hair growth and papaya extract  – a powerful antioxidant that is rich in moisturizing essential fatty acids. It’s always good to know what you’re putting in your hair especially when its colored. It was this reason Mitch Stone developed his line of hair care products, to enhance the beauty of the hair by addressing its health first.

I tried Mitch Stone’s volumizing texture spray for two months and within the first few tries I could see and feel the difference in my hair. My hair felt fuller and was easy to style. While my hair was still wet, I sprayed the volumizing spray at my roots, then blew my hair out for a full finish. Spraying it at my roots gave my hair full volume, very va-va-voom if you will. For a more tousled style, I scrunched it into my wet hair and air-dry. What’s great about this volumizing texture spray is it can be used on wet or dry hair for a variety of looks.

For tips and trick from Mitch Stone himself, visit www.MitchStoneEssentials.com

Below are two occasions where I used Mitch Stone Volumizing Texture Spray, doesn’t my hair look fuller?!


Myself with the lovely Monique Frausto from Curves and Chaos 


Myself with Yeardly Smith, shoe designer behind Marchez Vous

Texturizing Spray

*Mitch Stone Volumizing Texture Spray courtesy of WildFire PR. This Beauty product was gifted for reviewing purposes.


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