Instant Crush

Earlier this year, I discovered Los Angeles jewelry designer Jenny Dayco, I’ve worn her designs on my blog a few times (here and here) and she’s quickly become one of my favorite L.A. designers. Jenny has been very busy since we last chatted with her. Since February, she’s designed her Spring 2013 collection and most recently, designed amazing rings for Ke$ha’s Crazy Kids video.  Not only is she talented, but she’s a blast to be around.

A few weeks ago, Jenny introduced me to a talented Los Angeles apparel designer who just started venturing into the plus-size world and she is a forced to be reckoned with, because her designs and fit are what plus size women DREAM of. Deborah Viereck, behind the brand Viereck, in a native Angeleno and have been designing clothes for skinny women for years. Just a couple season ago, Viereck ventured into plus-size, a smart move given that most women in the U.S. are a 12/14. Within the first  couple seasons of designing plus-size, she caught the eye of Nordstorm and they started carrying her line. Her current line at Nordstorm also includes this gorgeous dress I borrowed.

The dress I’m wearing is her 2XL (sizes are 1XL, 2XL, 3XL) and it fits a little big, but when belted, looks great. The fit it what I’m crushing on, there are some many plus-size brands whose fit is just, weird and off, but Viereck’s is right on the money. The other thing I liked about the dress is the material, it’s light weight, iron free, but amazing quality. Perfect for plane rides or trips when you do not want to use the hotel iron.

Fusing premium fabrication, exquisite fit, and flattering silhouettes, Viereck constructs her garments with a costumer’s flair for the dramatic and a rock star sensibility. She is driven by a philosophy of edgy yet feminine sophistication, which is often how I describe my style, hence why she was an instant crush.

deborah_viereck4 deborah_viereck2 deborah_viereck deborah_viereck3 deborah_viereck5

Dress: Viereck || Necklace: Jenny Dayco || Belt: Borrowed from Jenny’s Closet


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