Pucker Up


When the heat of a California summer rolls around, the last thing any girls want to do is where foundation or her normal amount of makeup. The heat in the mid-west and east coast are not any easier with the humidity, so what’s a girl todo? Skip everything and stick to the basics and the basic are, mascara and a bold lipstick. You can never catch me without lipstick, I love all shades, but I mostly stick to bold brights and vampy dark hues. I’ve tried (and love) every one of the six lipsticks above and they all provide great pigment and matte finishes. I’m not a huge fan of frosty lips.

I’ve also include some highs and lows to fit every girl’s budget. I was recently blown away by the COVERGIRL lipsticks, their pigment and finish really surprised me. It had been ages since I tried drugstore lipstick and now, I feel like this whole time I was missing out. I was gifted these lipsticks from COVERGIRL, but I’m keeping it real with you when I say, the pigment in these lipsticks go toe-to-toe with the luxury brands.

Two of my favorite luxury lipsticks would  have to be Lime Crime and Makeup Forever. The coral color from Makeup Forever is the perfect coral for olive skin. It’s the right amount of red and orange for Latinas. Lime Crime colors are for makeup junkie who love bright and I mean bright colors, they’re the best.

I’ve known about Emani cosmetics for a little over a year and their lipsticks are one of my favorites. Their red (Promiscuous) is one of my top three favorite red lipsticks. Their red, is the highly desired fire engine red which is also a great choice for Latina’s with an olive skin tone.  Emani is natural skincare line whose products are vegan friendly, cruelty free and ecologically sound. To find out more about their ingredients, check them out here.

These are all must-have summer lipsticks because all you need is mascara and you’re good to go for any and every kind of summertime shenanigans. From pinks to reds to corals, even a plum, with these lip hues in your makeup bag, you’re ready to concur the heat.

From top left:

Lime Crime: Countessa Fluorescent

*Emani: Promiscuous



Makeup Forever: 38 Satin Coral

Milani: Fuchsia Freeze

*I was gifted these lipsticks by the brand


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