Summer Beauty


I’m very surprised how little makeup I’ve worn this summer. Between the heat and humidity, wearing foundation has been at the bottom of my makeup routine. I’ve kept my summer look to the bare essentials, a pinch of concealer, brows, mascara and a bold lipstick. If you keep up with my blog, it’s become very obvious I’m an avid lipstick junkie with shades mostly consisting of bright and dark shades. One of my favorite go-to concealer for under my eyes and parts of my t-zone is MAC’s select moisturecover. The applicator is a wand and it perfect for getting under the eyes, it has a matte finish and can also be layers without looking dry or cakey. Then I use Urban Decay’s brow box to fill in my brows. For brunettes or any dark hair I suggest the Brown Sugar combo, blondes go with Honey Pot. This brow box has been the most amazing beauty product to come into my life since red lipstick. Then I layer on mascara, add one of my favorite lipsticks, which at the moment (and almost all summer) is COVERGIRL’s Eternal and I’m done!

I thought it would be great to share my summer routine while there is still time to enjoy it. I’m a fan of mixing high end and drug store brands, I feel like you get the best of both world when you mix up your products.

What products have you been using is your summer beauty routine?


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