Back to School: College Edition

There are a lot of things I miss about college, meeting new people, new professors, classes, financial aid (haha!), I can go on. There is a feeling of excitement and eagerness on the first day, and throughout college I always put a lot of effort into my wardrobe. I was never ever one of those college students who showed up to class in sweats and flip-flops. Even during finals week and running on three hours of sleep, you never caught me in yoga pants, even when I was coming out of yoga.

This year, Macy’s had a tons of amazing back to college options, so you too can never be caught in sweats and flip-flops. 😉 The video is in Spanish, so to my English readers, here a breakdown of this seasons trends:

Cardigans are the perfect if your a preppy chic kind of girl, but depending on the print and color, a cardigan can be worked into any wardrobe. They’re comfortable and versatile, perfect if you need to run to an interview, internship or work after classes.

Flats are also comfortable and versatile pieces that will help get you from class to class with ease. Better than flip-flops, right?

Blazers are a must. No matter your major, you’d be surprise how many presentations you give during college, a blazer is perfect and effortless in giving a professional look to any outfit. A striped one is a great option versus a solid black one, because after the presentation, you’re headed straight to happy hour.


Hay un montón de cosas que extraño de la universidad, conocer gente nueva, nuevos profesores, las clases, ayuda financiera (¡jaja!), Puedo seguir adelante. Hay un sentimiento de emoción y el entusiasmo del primer día, y durante la universidad yo siempre puse mucho esfuerzo en mi ropa. Yo nunca fui de esos estudiantes que se presentaron a clase una sudadera y chanclas. Incluso durante la semana de exámenes finales y funcionando en tres horas de sueño, nunca me pillan en pantalones de yoga, incluso cuando yo estaba saliendo de yoga.

Este año, Macy’s tienen un montón de increíble ropa para back to school, así también usted nunca ser atrapado en una sudadera y chanclas. 😉


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