Hello, Hola and Bonjour!

My name is Jasmine and I started Glitter on the Ceiling in 2010 as a way to post stories from my college newspaper, but it shortly became what it is now, a place where I write about the things I love.

What you can expect from Glitter on the Ceiling are fashion and beauty posts. I do outfit posts, cover fashion shows and fashion previews, designer interviews, beauty and fashion events, product reviews and industry interviews. On most Monday’s I do ‘Music Monday’ where I spotlight local artists or a song that’s stuck on repeat in my head.

I blog from a couple perspectives, I’m Latina and love to blog in Spanish, es una salida creativa me encanta expresar! I’m also a curvy, plus size gal, size 14/16 to be exact. It’s always been an adventure and sometimes a HUGE pain finding clothes since I am between the sizing world. Then again, what woman doesn’t have a tough time finding clothes?

I’m  from Southern California and I went to school in the Bay Area where I received my journalism degree from San Jose State University–GO Spartans! In July 2011 I moved back to Southern California and currently live in Koreatown (for those not familiar with LA neighborhoods, I’m very close to Downtown LA). Los Angeles is my city, and I love it with all my heart and I couldn’t see myself living anywhere else.

On any given day it’s predictable I’ll be at the following places: Masa in Echo Park, a vintage store (Shareen’s in DTLA is the best!), LACMA, Amoeba or a dive bar. Sometimes all of those in one day.

®Jasmine Duarte

Blog Disclosure

-I partner with brands that I like, and am paid to collaborate with them on projects which I blog about here. These can be short term (eg 1-2 posts), long term (eg 6 months) or anything in between. I always announce in a blog post when I will be partnering with a brand.
-I receive gifted products from time to time that I wear/feature here. I keep my integrity by only posting things I truly like, if they aren’t in line with my blog or personal style, I won’t write about it. I always note in a post if something was received courtesy of a brand.
-All opinions on this blog are my own. Although I work with brands, I never allow them any control over the written content of posts.


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