Where All the Magic Happens: Inside Jenny Dayco’s Studio

L.A. girl Jenny Dayco, who resides in Hollywood, started making jewelry for herself  more than a decade ago because she wasn’t happy with plus size clothing at the time, she says. Yet she, like many girls, wanted to be fashion forward and have options when putting a look together. It was the lack of options that inspired Dayco to create bold and exciting jewelry and accessories.

“Everything was instinct,” says Dayco, “Combining different things and then finding [the design] out later.”

It can take Dayco anywhere from two minutes to a couple of hours to make an item, but it’s the first go at a design that can take the most time, “the first of anything takes the longest” she says, “But once I’ve made it, making another takes no time.”

Because of Dayco’s versatility with her designs, it’s no surprise that an eclectic list of celebrities have worn her jewelry, from Ashlee Simpson, to Kelly Clarkson to Ke$ha, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Sofia Vegara, you name her, she’s probably has been spotted adorning a little bling from this Los Angeles designer.

Not only do I have photos from inside Jenny Dayco’s Hollywood studio, but I also have exclusive access to a couple of images that will be appearing in her upcoming lookbook, featuring one 0f my favorite bloggers and friends, Chanelle from The Penelope Times!

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Sneak Peek of Jenny Dayco’s Spring 2013 lookbook featuring Chanelle from The Penelope Times!

Jenny Dayco SS13 Jenny Dayco SS13


California Girl: Sarah Liller San Francisco

Born and raised in California, fashion designer Sarah Liller could not imagine living and designing anywhere else, but the sunshine state. Originally from Souther California, but now living in San Francisco, Liller has two lines, Sarah Liller Collections and Romantic Repurposing. This California girl left home to go to school at Parson’s School of Design in New York City, this along with the experience of living in NYC helped her gather a strong understanding of fashion and the garment industry.

While Liller loved living and working in the big apple, she is inspired in California, “California is where people come to be themselves,” she says “The lifestyle is casual and people own who they are and there is no judgement.”

Her first line, Sarah Liller Collections is a much more youthful line says Liller, “It’s based on me as an adult looking back at myself as a teenager.” This collection for the fall season is inspired by French pop and influenced by 60’s mod, but is at the same time romantic and feminine, say the Liller.

The girls Liller see wearing Sarah Liller Collections is feminine and strong. She wears what she likes because she enjoys it, not because a magazine influenced her or she wants to be sexy for her boyfriend, she dresses for herself, says Liller.

Liller second and newer line Romantic Repurposing is a line where the designer makes new apparel from vintage fabrics. This collection combines her love of vintage prints with her design aesthetic. In this collection everything is repurposed vintage linens. She loves this idea because she is making something new from a textile that has been loved and cherish by someone before, maybe even for decades, says Liller. She loves the design challenge aspect to Romantic Repurposing, she says, from making new seams to re-dying them, she loves the encite.

Both of Liller’s lines are designed and created in her studio in the Mission in San Francisoco, using the same Kenmore sewing machine that belonged to her mother. All garments can be ordered from Sarah, herself, and is available at Loft 1513 in San Francisco and her website.

Sarah Liller Collection:

Photos by Hannah Marie Boone

Romantic Repurposing:

Photos by Hannah Marie Boone