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Fall is here and I couldn’t be happier, although it’s still warm in L.A., the morning have been cold, giving me hope that the days will start to get cold too. I love maxis sand sandals, but I’m ready to trade those in for scarves and boots.

Obsessed with my Forever 21 PLUS plaid pants and Barefoot Tess pumps<3

Saying good-bye to summer with the best friends a girl could ask for.

Surprise flowers at work from a guy I’m dating. Needless to say things are going well.

Whenever you’re having a beauty freak out, remember…

New Tattoo! This is number 6 and I want so many more.

Although fall just started, I can already say that being invited to the Latina Magazine’s Hollywood Hot List party was a huge highlight!

If at the end of the day, you can say you have the best friends you could ever be blessed with, then life is good.


Instadiary: H2O Music Festival + Becky G Meet & Greet

A few weeks ago, thanks to COVERGIRL, I attended Univisions H2O Music Festival in downtown LA with my fellow Latina beauty bloggers and had the BEST time! The line-up was a mix of English and Spanish artists that included Pitbull, A Tribe Called Quest and COVERGIRL’s newest face, Becky G. There were many more, but I was most excited to see those three. Although I’m a new Becky G fan, I can help but admire the 16-year-old Mexican-American from the Los Angeles area (Inglewood). I was able to meet her at the COVERGIRL tent and I was only able to exchange a few words with her, but she seems like a very humble down to earth girl. I think having her as the new COVERGIRL with really open up their demographic.

It was no surprise her makeup looks flawless (being a COVERGIRL and all, haha) and here I have how you can recreate her look! I loveed the light and natural festival look she was rocking. A great look for what left of summer.

Becky G’s look was inspired by the city of Los Angeles, where she grew up and calls home. The city inspires her lyrics and cool beats, but most of all her style. The young COVERGIRL is known for her urban and fun style, and that was the inspiration behind the GLAM makeup she rocked for her performance at the H20 Music Festival.  Her look consisted of bold gold eyes and soft pink lips that pop!

How to Recreate the look COVERGIRL Becky G, Rocked at Univision’s H20 Music Festival


Start out by applying COVERGIRL Clean Whipped Crème Foundation. To accent the cheek bones apply COVERGIRL Clean Glow Blush in Roses #100.


Apply the COVERGIRL Flamed Out Shadow Pots in Charcoal # 335 around the crest. Then use the Flamed Out Shadow Pencil in Gold Flame #330 to add gold shimmer to the look. Then apply the Ink It! in Black Ink # 230 by making a thick line that will make your eye pop! Finish this eye look by adding volume to your eyelashes for a bold look, with Flamed Out Mascara in Very Black


Finish the look with a soft nude, pinkish lip with first applying COVERGIRL Lip Perfection in Spellbound #325 and then the COVERGIRL Smoochies in Sweet Tweet # 255 on top.

For more beauty tips & looks check out COVERGIRL’s social media channels:


Instadiary ❤

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QTip from the legendary R&B group A Tribe Called Quest

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Mr. Wordwide!


Thanks to @makeupbycarlaperez  and @xavisostre (Instagram) for making looks like a novela star! I felt so glamourous!

Snapshots: Instadiary

I always say I’m going to do an Instagram post every week, next thing I know, they only happen about once a month. But what a fun month it’s been! Summer is slowly coming to close and while I’m sad to see it go, I’m ready for cold nights, boots and knits. I plan on making the most of this month and going to the beach a few more times and maybe squeeze a camping trip.

How are you enjoying the last month of summer?


Graffiti stairway in Downtown LA


I wear glasses and I firmly believe glasses are like shoes, you should have one for every mood and look! Coastal offer amazing selection in affordable and high end glasses, post coming soon. 😉


Some of my favorite scents from the Archipelago holiday preview, but these are some of the Los Angeles’ brand signature scents.


These boots were made for walking. Boots and leggings are Torrid.


Goodies from Los Angeles organic skincare line Peacock Apothecary. Yep, those are expiration dates, they’re made with the most natual ingredients.


Polish love with COVERGIRL. Have you entered the giveaway here on the blog?


Shiny metallic flats from Barefoot Tess, who specialize in shoes for women sizes 11 to 15!


Rocking my Zelie for She bandeau, because chubby girls can wear bandeau tops too.


How I achieve an effortless summer look here


Word every girl should live by.

Have a greaaaat weekend!!


Snapshots: Summer Has Arrived

It’s officially summer in LA and the city is bursting at the seams. As much as I love the colder seasons, summer is when Los Angeles is most alive. From outdoor movies, pool parties, music festivals and food festivals there is always something exciting todo. I love this city. Here’s to a fun filled summer with tons of work and tons of play.

Glitter on the Ceiling

4th of July

Glitter on the Ceiling

Yes, out faces are painted as cats, but it WAS a Cat Face party, after all.

Glitter on the Ceiling

ReDiscovery art installation

Glitter on the Ceiling

Trying on amazing Stella & Jamie jewelry at their Blogger Party.

Glitter on the Ceiling

Cat Naps

Glitter on the Ceiling

Glitter on the CeilingHanging out with my little sister. ❤

Snapshots: Instagram Roundup

The last couple weeks have been good, I can’t complain. A birthday, tons of celebrating and getting to preview a new plus size collection. The cherry on top was getting to wear my new swimsuit and embracing my curves and body. There are SO many plus size swim options, that there is no excuse for you to be in anything but an adorable bikini or a classy onc piece.

Have a wonderful weekend and make sure you’re following me on Instagram!



Birthday celebrations

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Having some camera time at the Urban 1972 + Im Curvy blogger preview.


Myself with blogger babe Emily from Storytelling by Emmy J


Channeling my inner ’80s one friday night ❤



A little blurry, but I’m obsessed with my garter tights

Snapshots: Instagram Roundup

Summer is creeping up on Los Angeles and I cannot wait for all the outdoor events, BBQ’s, movies and concerts. It’s been a little while since I did an Instagram roundup and thought I would share some of the things I’ve been up to. To follow all my shenanigans head over to my Instagram @GlitterontheCeiling


Downtown Los Angeles in all it’s glory.


A shot at my blogger video for Le Fashion Truck see the whole thing here!


Beautiful alter in a Mexican restaurant


My favorite show from the Marchez Vous fall 2013 collection, the Anabelle.


glitter-on-the-ceiling-blog glitter-on-the-ceiling-blog

Posing with the lovely Yeardly Smith, designer of Marchez Vous

glitter-on-the-ceiling-blogMy first Dodger game of the season!

Snapshots: Instagram Round Up {Coachella Edition}

Weekend two of Coachella just wrapped up and I can’t help but just a bit empty inside, but summer is around the corner which means summer concerts! This summer some of my favorites who weren’t at Coachella will be touring. This year was a great year, beside the sandstorm, but other than that Coachella 2013 was a success and I cannot wait to go back next year! Here is my Instagram round up from my Coachella weekend! Are you following me? @GlitterontheCeiling

Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-Coachella-2013 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-Coachella-2013 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-Coachella-2013 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-Coachella-2013 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-Coachella-2013 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-Coachella-2013 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-Coachella-2013 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-Coachella-2013 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-Coachella-2013 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-Coachella-2013

Snapshots: Instagram Round Up

This might be the last Instagram round up for the next two weeks that won’t be entirely filled with photos from my Coachella weekend. I know that’s all I’ve been talking about recently, but I can’t help but look forward to everything!

I have some VERY good news coming this week that has to do with ME and doing social media for a VERY cool brand while at Coachella! If you’re going, I’d love to hear from you! I’ll be there weekend one!


A lovely care package from CoverGirl ❤


The tattoo on my back is my biggest piece. It goes over to my shoulder too, I love all my tattoos and plan on getting a sleeve in the near future.


Something that caught my eye in DTLA.

GlitterontheCeiling GlitterontheCeiling

A long overdue hair cut and color


Trying out Torrid’s new Demi Bra, which I’ve worn a couple times now and it’s amazing!


Taking a stroll through Koreatown.


The group shot from the #IAmTorrid event featuring myself and other AMAZING plus size bloggers! Sharing the video this week, stay tuned!

Snapshots: Instagram Roundup

Last week kicked off L.A. Fashion Week and it’s been fun and a little hectic running around La La Land to shows and presentations, but I can’t complain. Follow my shenanigans on Instagram! Find me at @GlitterontheCeiling. ❤


Day two OOTD wearing a vintage YSL blazer + NYDJ pants + Jenny Dayco necklace.


Pardon the blurriness, but this coat from 8000 Nerves was to die for!


As always, I’m left breathless after seeing the Odylyne collection. This brand is by far one of my favorite L.A. apparel designers and season after season I want the entire collection.




My rainbow cake inspired mani.


Getting a blowout at Vered Salon in Hollywood ad the blogger beauty event


My OOTD for the Vered Salon event and post blowout, amazing right!?

Snapshots: Instagram Roundup

Last week was a really, really fun week. The highlights of last week were by far attending the #IAmTorrid event and the CoverGirl event. I’ve been shopping at Torrid since high school and although sometimes there designs were a miss, as a plus size girl it made me feel like I had options. It’s been about a year since I’ve purchased anything from Torrid, but previewing their summer 13 and their holiday collection, they’ve really stepped up their designs and as many brands it’s an ever evolving process. They asked us our feedback and we gave it to them. We were very honest and very constructive and they loved it. Is there anything you would lie Torrid to improve on? How about plus size fashion? I want yo hear your thoughts!

The other event that was the highlight of my week was attending a CoverGirl event where I got to try their new Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 foundation.  The all-in-one foundation has a long-lasting formula that fuses primer, concealer, and foundation in one bottle and one step. At first, I was a little hesitant since I don’t have the greatest skin and I wasn’t sure a drug store foundation would give me the coverage I wanted, but I was blown away by the coverage. More on that later ;).

How was your week?


By far the coolest shoes I’ve bought in a very long time.


Visiting Torrid’s HQ and previewing the Spring/Summer 13 collections AND getting a glimpse at the holiday 13 sketches was such a blast! Torrid’s dedication to ever evolve the plus size fashion world is beyond inspring.


Getting my photo taken for the #IAmTorrid event, SO much fun!


I was featured on Denim Blog’s Best Winter Outfits post! So rad. “Another thing I love about Jasmine is that she knows how to dress for her body type. Everything she wears works so well with her look and I think that is a true talent and skill to acquire.” ❤


Goodies from Mitch Stone Essentials, review coming soon!


Or just take it fast! haha!


Getting to be a CoverGirl for a day. Video to come soon!


Trying the new CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation, which is amazing!


A healthy snack thanks to a friend’s generous tree.