{Music Monday} Interpol El Pintor

One of my beloved bands Interpol, is releasing their new album El Pintor on September 9, but thanks to NPR you can listen to the full album here. There single All The Rage Back Home, was released about a month ago and if this is any indication of how the album will sound, I’m excited. Since their 2004 album Antics, they lost me for a few years. Their 2007 album Our Live to Admire and 2010 self titled album Interpol, did not sit well with me, I missed the sound and feel of their first two albums and for me, there will be no better album than Turn On The Bright Lights.

From what I’ve heard so far of El Pintor, they seem to be channeling some of that post-punk, new wave feel Turn On The Bright Lights had, but at the same time keeping true to their new clean, dance inspired sound their newer albums have had. They’re getting ready to tour and I failed in getting tickets, damn those hipsters. Everything sold out SO fast, maybe I will have better luck on StubHub. Check out their video for All The Rage Back Home below and happy Music Monday!


Music Monday: Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey on Nylon Cover


You either love her or could careless about her, that’s my perspective on how people feel about Lana Del Rey. I love her her music and her style. Her style is her own and it inspires my own, her music is easy to listen to, although sometimes the lyrics are random, I can’t help but be consumed by her beats and melodies. She’s on the cover of the November issue of Nylon and I’m digging the simplicity. I can listen to her albums all day, am I the only one who think her music is trance-like? I may have no clue what she’s singing about sometimes, but I can’t help but hum and sway along with the music.  I’m the first to admit she’s not the greatest performer live, but her music videos and studio recordings are gold.

Music+Inspiration Monday: 1-800-Penelope

Penelope’s Vintage is at it again, creating cool visuals to match their amazing selection of vintage items. I’ve been a fan of this Los Angeles based online store for a little while now, and if there is one thing I love more than the clothes, it’s shop creator Chanelle Lawrence’s vision when creating the ads.

The most recent one, titled, 1-800-Penelope, is fun to dance to and even more fun to watch closely and appreciate the ’90s essence.  I’m featuring it on Music Monday because I LOVE the song in video (Phoneline by FunkinEven) and overall I’m inspired by the video. I love the sexiness I love the ‘adult hotline’ aspect and I love the bodysuits! So, my friends, if you are in need of fashion help, CALL 1-800-Penelope.

The other cool PV video:

Music Monday: {NEW} MGMT

Annnnd I’m back, again. I’m really going to try and stop with this whole inconsistent blogging thing. At the same time, I’m a working girl, and a girls gotta make that paper! Anyway, on to some sweet sounds to kick off your week. It’s hard to believe MGMT’s 2008 album Oracular Spectacular is already five years old. In my opinion, it was this album that really put this Mid-West duo on the musical map. Electric Feel and Kids were played all summer in 2008 and after playing the music festival scene,  Benjamin Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden were definitely music’s new favorite indie duo.

Fast forward to now and with two albums behind them, MGMT has a new single and a new album. Their third album, titled MGMT,  is “pushing their love of acid-tinged bubblegum right out the back door of the booby hatch, in a good way,” said Rolling Stone. This sound, is on the same level as their second album Congratulations, but turned up the weird and synth to about 100. I think I like it, I’m still a little indifferent, but I think I need some time to let it grow on me.

Music Monday: The XX

Ok, so, I know I’ve been a lagging on the blog, I never get too personal on here. I try to keep it fun, talking about the things I love, fashion, beauty and music. Things have been a little rocky, but that’s life, right? You can’t expect it to be all rainbows and flowers, it’s the crazy, bumpy moments that make you who are, in a weird way. Ok, I’ve been watching too much Girls, but seriously, life in your 20’s sucks sometimes, especially when you’re on your own. Although things haven’t been turbulent the last year, this last month really kicked my butt, but again, I’m back and I’m here to talk about what makes me happy.

I leave you with one of my favorite The XX songs, if you haven’t heard of them, listen to ALL of their songs now, you won’t regret it. I also leave you with a paraphrased Oprah quote, because I don’t care what anyone says, I think she’s AMAZING.

“Whenever you feel failure, don’t take it so negatively. It’s just the universe saying you should be somewhere else, doing something else.”

Music Monday: ‘N Sync


After last night’s MTV VMAs, there was an array of artists that would have been appropriate for Music Monday. Lady Gaga, Robin Thicke, Kanye, Drake were all on my list, but I had to go with the performance that made me feel like I was 13 years old again, ‘N SYNC!!! There were rumors all week about the boy band reuniting at this years show and when the rumors were confirmed, it instantly became the part of the show I was looking forward to.  Although the performance was shorter than I was expecting, it did not stop my from yelling, jumping and even crying a little bit.

Yes, I love Robin Thicke, Gaga, Rihanna, Daft Punk to death, but nothing can replace my teeny-bobber, boy band days. Here’s to hoping, although I doubt, that ‘N Sync will go on a reunion tour!

The one that started it all.

One of my favorites!

Music Monday: Radio Elei

   radio elei

Radio Elei is a Spanish rock band from Los Angeles whose two front women, are not only great entertainers, but sisters. The band formed in 2011 and on Saturday, they released their much anticipated album and music video for their single ‘Luz en la Oscuridad’ which you can see below. Isabella Espinoza, Natalia Espinoza, Vicentico Ronquillo, Gabriel Lorenzo and David Delamora make Radio Elei and while they come from different Latino background, it’s making music that brings them together. Their self titled debut album took two years to make, but based on the bands performances, it was well worth the wait. I really love the vocals of this rock en Español band, Isabella and Natalia have different styles, but they compliment one another very well, keeping true to a rock vibe. The guitar rifts also help the band stay true to rock/pop root. I’m lucky I can understand music in two languages, it opens up a while new world of music. No matter is you understand Spanish or not, good music is good music and Radio Elei is a band worth breaking the language barrier.

Radio Elei es una banda de rock en español de Los Angeles y los dos mujeres frente, no sólo son artistas talentosas , pero hermanas. La banda se formó en 2011, y el sábado, publicado su tan esperado álbum y el video musical de su single “Luz en la Oscuridad”. Isabel Espinoza, Natalia Espinoza, Vicentico Ronquillo, Gabriel Lorenzo y David Delamora hacen Radio Elei y mientras que provienen de diferentes orígenes latinos, es haciendo música que los reúne. Su álbum debut tomó dos años para hacer, pero en base a las actuaciones de grupos, que bien vale la pena. Me encanta los voces de esta banda de rock en Español, Isabel y Natalia tienen estilos diferentes, pero que se complementan bien, manteniendo una onda de rock. La guitarra divisiones también ayudan a la banda de permanecer fiel a raíz de rock / pop. Tengo la suerte de que puedo entender la música en dos idiomas, se abre un nuevo mundo, mientras que de la música.

radio eleiradio eleiradio elei

Photos taken by Alexis Rodriguez

Music Monday: Little Red Lung

Little Red Lung is a Los Angeles band that started in 2007 as Zoe-Ruth Erwin solo project, who has a mesmerizing voice I might add. In 2010, Zoe returned to L.A. and got together with three creative musicians local to the L.A. indie music scene: Ali Nikou (guitar), Rob Hume (bass), and John Broeckel (drums). With the band all lined up,  Little Red Lung got to work, and in 2012 released their self-titled debut album (which you can listen to and buy here). Their sound  cannot be fitted into one genre, but LAist did good job as describing Little Red Lung as “chamber, pop and rock à la Tori Amos-meets-The Dresden Dolls-and-Florence & The Machine.” It’s a mouth full, but I think is the best way to attempt to describe this L.A. band. The band just played Bonnaroo in June and I’m looking forward to an upcoming tour right here in L.A. I love living in a city that satisfies my taste for great music.


Music Monday: Summer Jams 2013


There’s still about a month and a couple weeks before summer is over and done, but it’s never too early to share my summer playlist. This list  has accompanied me to endless beach trips, BBQ’s and just good, old-fashioned car dance parties with my girls. Most of these songs came out this summer, but others made it on here after Coachella in April (mostly The XX). I’m enjoying what’s left of summer and squeezing in and enjoying every cool moment I can.

LISTEN to the entire list HERE: http://spoti.fi/13Ml1AJ

What songs made it to your summer playlist?

Despair- The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Get Lucky- Daft Punk

Fiction- The XX

Despair- The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

No Church in the Wild- Jay-Z, Kanye West and Frank Ocean

Instant Crush- Daft Punk

Young & Beautiful- Lana Del Rey

Black Skinhead- Kane West

Soothe My Soul- Depeche Mode

Sunset- The XX

Mosquito- The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

M.I.A.- Bad Girls

212- Azealia Banks