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If I could only live with two makeup components for the rest of the year, I would choose lipstick and mascara. Mascara as a crucial makeup tool, I can recall hundreds of moments when I looked crazy with my eye makeup before I put mascara on. As soon as add a few coats to each eye, everything else just seems to glamorously come together. A word to the wise, always carry mascara in your purse, makeup bag, pocket, wherever, because lets say you have a crazy night out and have to roll into work the next day, you’re going to be stoked you had some mascara and lipstick in your arsenal.  Keep some at your desk for emergencies, along with other ‘night after’ must haves.

I’ve tried every mascara in this post and no, I don’t always spend $20+ on mascara. I’ve found amazing ones for less than $10, but if I am going to splurge on mascara, I’ve found some that are worth every penny.

COVERGIRL Clump Crusher: This mascara is very buildable, a major plus. My favorite component is the brush, the curved brush and its  bristle spacing reduce clumping (hence the name)  and leaves lashes clean and separated. The brush is also the perfect size to coat bottom lashes too.

Bare Escentuals Lash Domination: This is one of my new favorite mascaras. I received a sample of  lash domination at BeautyCon and LOVED what it did to my lashes. Without using an eyelash curler, I got volume and definition, it was amazing. This mascara give you volume you can see.

L.A. Girl Super Mega Lash: What originally attracted me to this mascara was the packaging. After testing it out, I was really happy with the formula. It didn’t flake, the brush is perfect for your bottom lashes and was great at lengthening my lashes.

DiorShow: This mascara needs little words describing the intense, sultry look it gives lashes. This mascara has been in a number of magazines and ‘Best Mascara’ lists and is an award-winning mascara that has been a cult-favorite for over a decade. The formula is creamy and buildable and the brush also gives that XXL volume we lust for.

Prescriptives False Eyelashes Plush: I received a sample of this mascara when I ordered their foundation (more on that later!) and I was very happy with the fullness and thickness of this mascara. Its wear was great and easily buildable, I went out one night for drinks with the girls and it was easy to layer a couple coats  on top of what I had already put on that morning.

With so many options to choose from and so many great products on the market, at price points for everyone, there is no reason to let your lashes not look their best. After all, isn’t there a cheesy saying out there that the eyes the window to the soul? The bolder the eyes the bolder the soul. 🙂


Back to School: College Edition

There are a lot of things I miss about college, meeting new people, new professors, classes, financial aid (haha!), I can go on. There is a feeling of excitement and eagerness on the first day, and throughout college I always put a lot of effort into my wardrobe. I was never ever one of those college students who showed up to class in sweats and flip-flops. Even during finals week and running on three hours of sleep, you never caught me in yoga pants, even when I was coming out of yoga.

This year, Macy’s had a tons of amazing back to college options, so you too can never be caught in sweats and flip-flops. 😉 The video is in Spanish, so to my English readers, here a breakdown of this seasons trends:

Cardigans are the perfect if your a preppy chic kind of girl, but depending on the print and color, a cardigan can be worked into any wardrobe. They’re comfortable and versatile, perfect if you need to run to an interview, internship or work after classes.

Flats are also comfortable and versatile pieces that will help get you from class to class with ease. Better than flip-flops, right?

Blazers are a must. No matter your major, you’d be surprise how many presentations you give during college, a blazer is perfect and effortless in giving a professional look to any outfit. A striped one is a great option versus a solid black one, because after the presentation, you’re headed straight to happy hour.


Hay un montón de cosas que extraño de la universidad, conocer gente nueva, nuevos profesores, las clases, ayuda financiera (¡jaja!), Puedo seguir adelante. Hay un sentimiento de emoción y el entusiasmo del primer día, y durante la universidad yo siempre puse mucho esfuerzo en mi ropa. Yo nunca fui de esos estudiantes que se presentaron a clase una sudadera y chanclas. Incluso durante la semana de exámenes finales y funcionando en tres horas de sueño, nunca me pillan en pantalones de yoga, incluso cuando yo estaba saliendo de yoga.

Este año, Macy’s tienen un montón de increíble ropa para back to school, así también usted nunca ser atrapado en una sudadera y chanclas. 😉

’90s Plus Size Fashion

It’s nothing new that ’90s fashion is back and in a huge way. From edgy grunge style to the flower power prints, the ’90s we’re a fun time. I’m a total ’90s kid and I’m having a lot of fun with the trend. I’m embracing my inner grunge with having fun with florals, I’m not sure if I’m ready for the overalls trend, but I love a good plaid shirt and beanie.

Happy Shopping! xx


From top left: Bebe Ava Quilted Backpack

Penelope’s Vintage Happy Face Beanie

ASOS Plaid Shirt

Forever 21 PLUS Flower Power Dress

Barefoot Tess Mason Flat (for women with shoe size 11 and up)

Mandy Striped Backpack

IM Curvy Acid Wash Skinny Jeans

Dellyn Bootie

Pucker Up


When the heat of a California summer rolls around, the last thing any girls want to do is where foundation or her normal amount of makeup. The heat in the mid-west and east coast are not any easier with the humidity, so what’s a girl todo? Skip everything and stick to the basics and the basic are, mascara and a bold lipstick. You can never catch me without lipstick, I love all shades, but I mostly stick to bold brights and vampy dark hues. I’ve tried (and love) every one of the six lipsticks above and they all provide great pigment and matte finishes. I’m not a huge fan of frosty lips.

I’ve also include some highs and lows to fit every girl’s budget. I was recently blown away by the COVERGIRL lipsticks, their pigment and finish really surprised me. It had been ages since I tried drugstore lipstick and now, I feel like this whole time I was missing out. I was gifted these lipsticks from COVERGIRL, but I’m keeping it real with you when I say, the pigment in these lipsticks go toe-to-toe with the luxury brands.

Two of my favorite luxury lipsticks would  have to be Lime Crime and Makeup Forever. The coral color from Makeup Forever is the perfect coral for olive skin. It’s the right amount of red and orange for Latinas. Lime Crime colors are for makeup junkie who love bright and I mean bright colors, they’re the best.

I’ve known about Emani cosmetics for a little over a year and their lipsticks are one of my favorites. Their red (Promiscuous) is one of my top three favorite red lipsticks. Their red, is the highly desired fire engine red which is also a great choice for Latina’s with an olive skin tone.  Emani is natural skincare line whose products are vegan friendly, cruelty free and ecologically sound. To find out more about their ingredients, check them out here.

These are all must-have summer lipsticks because all you need is mascara and you’re good to go for any and every kind of summertime shenanigans. From pinks to reds to corals, even a plum, with these lip hues in your makeup bag, you’re ready to concur the heat.

From top left:

Lime Crime: Countessa Fluorescent

*Emani: Promiscuous



Makeup Forever: 38 Satin Coral

Milani: Fuchsia Freeze

*I was gifted these lipsticks by the brand

Plus-Size Swimsuit Guide


There is no time like the present (and summer) to show off your curves and celebrate the sun, in a swimsuit that skinny girls will envy. With so many options, there is no excuse to wear anything but a swimsuit that represents your style. I don’t want to hear anyone say “but they don’t have anything cute in my size” or “nothing in my price range.” I’ve used both of those lines, been there, done that. I’ve dug around the interwebs to bring you 12 swimsuits in different styles and price ranges.

From classic black one-pieces, to geometric high-waisted bikinis, choose something that will make you feel sexy and confident. Plus-size girls can wear bikinis, there’s nothing to it, you slip it right on, like any girl would.

I’m a HUGE fan of the high-waisted bandeau bikinis, there edgy and hello, sexy! If you have any questions leave them in the comments.

Happy summer and happy shopping!

Left to right, starting at the top:

Rue 107 Hudson River Bikini

Tarte Vintage Joanie Leopard Love Sunnies 

Forever 21 PLUS Colorblock Suit

Torrid Classic Black One-Piece 

Rue 107 Bombdiggity Bikini

Dorothy Perkins Amalfi Bandeau Swimsuit

Forever 21 PLUS Geo Swimsuit

Tarte Vintage Kitty Eye Sunglasses

Dorothy Perkins Twist Front Feather Swimsuit

And below are more swimsuits I knew I had to include. Summer is just beginning, time for the sun and to show off those curves!


Lane Bryant Shimmer Dot Bikini


Nakimuli Point Guard Bikini available at Madison Plus 


Rue 107 Iggy Bandeau Bikini


Lane Bryant Twist Front One-Piece


Esther Williams Polka Dot One-Piece

Coachella + Festival Fashion Style Guide

Next weekend Coachella kicks off music festival season where thousands of people come together to adore bands old and new. This years Coachella lineup is very nostalgic with bands like The Stone Roses, Blur, New Order and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Then you have modern bands like The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Hot Chip and Grizzly Bear, it’s the perfect combination of old and new.

Music festivals like Coachella would not be complete without festival fashion. Now more than ever, it’s essential for brands to have a Festival Fashion Lookbook and be involved in this cultural event that is music festivals, it’s amazing. Anything goes at music festivals, people are free to wear whatever they want and it’s accepted. Looking good while dancing, sweating and rolling around in the grass and mud is a must ;).

I’m a fan of loose fitting clothes. It gets very hot in Indio and while you’re dancing in the mud the last thing you want is to be wearing something that too form fitting. Have fun with your looks, mix and match, wear studs and fringe, but more importantly have fun and feel the music. I’m really loving the Simdog I Left my Heart in Indio shirt, the Steve Madden boots, the Tart Collections wrap and Jenny Dayco cuff.

Which are your favorites? What are YOU wearing to Coachella?


1. SimDog I Left My Heart in Indio tee

2. REPORT Signature sandals

3. Tart Collections Tama Wrap

4. Forever 21 PLUS shorts

5. Steve Madden Fringe Backpack

6. Steve Madden ankle boots

7. Jenny Dayco Cuff

8. Torrid Denim Vest

9. Flower Crown

10. Vieta Dani Tote

11. Forever 21 PLUS Maxi Dress

12. Torrid Coral Lace Shorts

13. Penelope’s Vintage Sunnies

Spring Nail Polish Picks

Spring has officially sprung (I’m sure you’re tired of hearing that already, right?) and our toes get to come out of hibernation and make their way into cute sandals and our finger tips get to adorn bright and pastel polishes. Below are just a few of my favorite colors that I love to wear during spring. Do you prefer brights or pastels more on your nails?

Also, I wish I was the girl in charge of thinking of names for nail polish colors, doesn’t that seem like a rad job?


From left:

1. Sally Hasen in I Pink I Can

2. Urban Outfitters polish in Smush

3. American Apparel nail lacquer in Palm Springs

4. Urban Outfitters polish in Crowded

5. OPI polish in A Good Man-Darin is Hard to Find


From left:

1. Essie’s Good to Go top coat. I LOVE this top coat. If you’re like me and cannot wait for your nails to dry, this top coat will become your best friend. I put it on and in about 90 sec my nails are good to go!

2. American Apparel glitter polish in Galaxy. Anytime I want to give my polish a little kick, I layer this polish before my top coat and it does the trick every time.

Spring Beauty Essentials

Spring is creeping up and what better time to prep for a warm season than with some beauty essentials. I put together a might fine list of my beauty must haves and I think it’s time for them to enter your life as well. What are some of your Spring Beauty Essentials?

IMG_0268 IMG_0280

From left: MAC’s ChatterBox, a perfect light pink color that would look great with a smokey golden eye.

CoverGirl 350 Eternal, a beautiful fuchsia color that can be worn during the day or night.

Illamasqua in Flare, this is what an orange/coral lipstick should look like, keep the rest of your face simple with this color, black eyeliner and mascara will do the trick.

Emani in Promiscuous (vegan) this is the perfect blue based red lipstick I’ve ever owned. Pair it with a classic smokey eye and your ready to hit the town. For a day time look, wear Promiscuous with a pink or peach blush and simple black eyeliner and mascara.

CoverGirl 300 Flame is a great lip color between orange and red. Pair the lip color with a peach blush and neutral eye and let your lips be your pop of color.

Dior 475 Rose Caprice, I love this bright pink color! It goes on so bright and it’s a perfect pastel color. This lip color is great for a day or night. Pair it  with a basic eyeliner, mascara for day and a smokey eye for night, with hints of purple if you’re not afraid of color.  😉


Before I wash my face, I use these Olay wet clothes to take off a good amount of my makeup. They always make me feel so refreshed, even though I just removed my entire face. They’re great for sensitive skin and you might be thinking “Do I really need anti-aging products in my 20’s?” and the answer is yes. It’s never to early to start using anti-aging products, it’s a very smart move to start using them once you’ve reached 24 or 25, you’ll be happy you did.


From left: Pure Argan Oil is amazing, you know why? You can put it anywhere. Well, almost anywhere. It’s a great moisturizing oil for your skin and hair. I love putting it on my face at night and it’s a great products to moisturize your cuticles. It’s perfect to run it through your hair and ends when they’re look a little dry or start to split.

Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray eyeshadow primer, when it starts to get warm the last things you want to happen is for your eyeshadow to crease. This primer helps your shadow stay intact throughout a warm spring day and a little goes a long way with this eyeshadow primer, you just need a tiny dab on each eye.

Makeup Forever’s HD Primer, after you’ve put on moisturizer, you put the primer on your t-zone and cheeks and this will smooth out skin with applying foundation or powder. If you have big pores like me, or just want a photo finish, this primer is perfect.


The Miss Dior Cherie perfume has been my go-to scent for about three years and as you can see, I’m a huge fan as you can tell by the nearly empty bottle. It’s the perfect light scent that leaves you feel fresh from the morning you spray it on, until the evening when your changing into your PJ’s.

The Joico Joimist finishing spray has quickly become one of my favor ties. I’m a huge fan of their K-Pax shine serum and their  hair spray holds a look in place without giving hair the hairspray crunch look.


From left: By far my favorite brow tool. The Urban Decay Brow Box comes with two shades, wax, a brush and tweezers, everything you need to fill in your brows.

I am so thankful my makeup artist friend introduced me to the Long-Lasting Setting Spray about two years ago. After spending a good amount of time making yourself look amazing, spray the setting spray to really lock in everything. It’ll keep your makeup looking fresh all day and night. This is great for the spring because it keeps your face looking fresh all day, regardless of the heat.

BEAUTY TIP: If you’ve never been one to fill in your eyebrows, you should give it a try! The brows frame your face and can easily change your look, you don’t have to fill them in heavily, but filling in little areas will really brighten your face.


Eyelash Curler and Clump Crusher mascara from CoverGirl, the slight angle to the brush allows getting in the corners of your eye, getting every single one of those eyelashes.

Lime Crime liquid eyeliner in Citreuse has quickly become my new favorite eyeliner. Every time I wear it I always get asked who makes it and now you know! The pigment is amazing, yes, it really goes on that bright, it’s a true neon eyeliner.

BEAUTY TIP: If your going to wear a neon eyeliner lay it above black eyeliner to give it more definition. You’re not laying the neon on top of the black, but laying the black and then right above the black put the neon. Also, don’t be afraid to pair it with a bright pink or fuchsia lipstick, think of it as color blocking your makeup. 😉  See how I did it below



A little out take while I was taking photos. Marlowe totally has potential to be the new face of Dior.

Which Alejandra G. Shoe Are You?

Los Angeles shoe designer Alejandra G. launched her shoe line in 2011 and has brought her collections alive by putting in everything she believes makes shoes unique, sexy and comfortable. This Angeleno truly believes shoes are the “heart and sole” to every woman’s outfit and I couldn’t agree more. Her Spring + Summer 2013 collection has something for every woman’s lifestyle. From the classic AVA pump to the super funky Ventura Neon heel; a little fun for the office and a lot fun for a night out.

Los Angeles diseñador de zapatos Alejandra G. lanzó su línea de zapatos en 2011 y ha llevado sus colecciones a otro nivel, poniendo en todo lo que ella cree que hace zapatos únicos, atractivos y cómodos. Esta Angeleno cree que los zapatos son el “corazón y alma” de la moda de vestir para una mujer y yo no podía estar más de acuerdo. Su Primavera + Verano 2013 colección tiene algo para cada estilo de vida de una mujer. Desde el clásico bomba de AVA para el super tacón cobarde Ventura Neon, un poco de diversión para la oficina y mucha diversión para una noche de fiesta.


YESI 2: If you’re looking to add something bold to your shoe collection, something like this would be a good start. The neon prints is just enough boldness to step out of your fashion comfort zone without feeling like all the attention is on your shoes.

YESI 2: Si estás mirando para agregar algo audaz para su colección de zapatos, algo como esto sería un buen comienzo. Las huellas de neón es audacia lo suficiente para salir de su zona de confort de la moda sin sentir que toda la atención se centra en tus zapatos.

VENTURA NEON: This shoe is amazing. They’re very ’80s and I love how bright and textured it is, be sure you’re prepared to be talking about these all night.

VENTURA NEON: Este zapato es increíble. Son muy años 80 y me encanta lo brillante y con textura, asegúrese de que está preparado para hablar de ellos toda la noche.

SETORII 2: I will almost say yes to anything with studs or spikes. These would go great paired with leather leggings or a maxi skirt with a band tee.

SETORII 2: Yo siempre digo que sí a cualquier cosa con tachuelas o clavos. Éstos irían muy bien con leggings de cuero o una falda maxi con una camiseta de tu banda favorita.

AVA: A classic black pump with a pattern heel is the perfect way to dress up your office look or if you want your black heel to have a little more personality.

AVA: Una clásico tacón negro con un patrón talón es la manera perfecta para vestir tu mirada oficina o si desea que su tacón negro, que tengan un poco personalidad.

List of Lust

List of Lust

MAGIC is less than a month away, then L.A. Fashion Week, so needless to say, wanting to shop has been on my mind. I try to invest in pieces I can wear different ways and it’s always a plus when they’re made in L.A. I enjoy H&M as much as the next person, but there is a sense of pride when you buy something that you know was made in your own backyard.

Melody Ehsani Queen of the Jungle Necklace

LuLu*s Rough Rider Studded Black Purse

Brian Lichtenberg Feline Jumper

Sole Society Francesca Heel

Melody Ehsani Nebula Earrings