How to Deal with School Bullying

Bullying is a topic that been featured more often than it should in the media. Meaning there are too many children and teens taking their lives because of bullying. It’s a sad and heart breaking truth, but a truth we must take head on and learn how to deal with it when it comes to our homes. Click the image below to read what tips a teacher and guidance councilor  told me were the best to deal with bullying in schools.


Up To The Style Minute

Another @Shoptopia article on how to keep up with Fast Fashion. For this story, I had the opportunity to speak to the lovely @JennaTodey and she had amazing types for combining high and low fashion. Click on the photo to read the article!

Technically Speaking

I’m going to have a series of articles on Shoptopia! From fashion to decor to tech, I’ll be covering it all. I’m really excited about this and I will post links as they got live. Here’s the link to my first one, Technically Speaking, apps and gagets for Back to School, enjoy! Just click on the picture.

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