Accessories of the week

Accessories can easily be over done and destroy a look or they can transform it and make a simple ensemble into a layered, chic outfit. I’m an accessory junkie and can never and I mean never have enough hangbags, shoes, scarves and jewelry.

I got several compliments on my red ostrich handbang and my cashmere knit circle scarf, so I’d thought I would share. The BEST thing about my two accessories of the week is that I got them at a second hand clothing store! FACT about me, I was a senior buyer for three years as Crossroads Trading Co, so expect a future post on how to sell your clothes and that I have a closet filled of great finds. I still love shopping at Crossroads and visit frequently. My favorite store in the Bay Area is San Jose, on West San Carlos and my favorite LA store is by far Melrose.

When I was choosing these two out this morning I had texture on my mind. Though the handbag and scarf may seem a little mismatch, don’t be wary to step out the box and mismatch colors, prints or textures. It’s bold and powering. Matching too much can be boring. Combining a loud color like red with a dark muted color like gray makes the accessories that much more dramatic.


Fall 2011 Forecast

With New York Fashion Week kicking off in a couple days, it’s officially fall in the fashion world and two of my favorite things I look forward to each season are the accessories and handbag trends. Stay posted for more of these as Fashion Week starts!

I made these in Adobe InDesign CS5.