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Fall is here and I couldn’t be happier, although it’s still warm in L.A., the morning have been cold, giving me hope that the days will start to get cold too. I love maxis sand sandals, but I’m ready to trade those in for scarves and boots.

Obsessed with my Forever 21 PLUS plaid pants and Barefoot Tess pumps<3

Saying good-bye to summer with the best friends a girl could ask for.

Surprise flowers at work from a guy I’m dating. Needless to say things are going well.

Whenever you’re having a beauty freak out, remember…

New Tattoo! This is number 6 and I want so many more.

Although fall just started, I can already say that being invited to the Latina Magazine’s Hollywood Hot List party was a huge highlight!

If at the end of the day, you can say you have the best friends you could ever be blessed with, then life is good.


Mad for Plaid

“I like your Gwen Stefani pants” is probably one of the most flattering comments I’ve received wearing these plaid pants. I couldn’t have asked to be compared to a cooler fashion icon. All that aside, I’ve had these pants for about a week and I’ve worn them twice, needless to say, they’re going to be one of my fall favorites. Even more surprisingly, they’re from Forever 21 Plus.  I’m surprised because while I appreciate the effort Forever 21 puts into their plus size line,  sometimes they miss the mark. Also, they need a lot of  work on their fit of the plus size line. I had to go two sizes up to get the look I wanted to achieve with the pants, either way, they were a good find and they’re perfect for fall.

Pairing them with a fun graphic tee and a pair of sleek black pumps, balanced the look perfectly. I love these pumps from  Barefoot Tess, believe it or not, I did not have a pair of black pumps in my shoe collection and these are perfect and classic. I like the pointed toe, and I love the heel height, it’s about 2 inches, which is perfect for me. Just the right amount of heel height without sacrificing comfort. I’m all about shoes that kick my looks up a notch without killing my feet.

PS: So, I went darker a couple weeks ago and added some purple to my hair and I LOVE it!! I think it’s quite obvious I’m ready for fall. 😉

cute-plus-size-fashion-blogger-6 cute-plus-size-fashion-blogger-3 cute-plus-size-fashion-blogger-5 cute-plus-size-fashion-blogger-2


Cheetah Tank: Old H&M || Cardigan: Gap || Plaid Pants: Forever 21 PLUS || Shoes: Charlotte Heel c/o Barefoot Tess

Eye Candy

To all the ladies who have sported glasses ever since they can remember and to recent glasses wearers, this is for you. Me? I’ve needed glasses since I was 11 years old and I remember feeling self conscious about wearing them, but now, I love wearing glasses. They make me feel just a bit more chic and like shoes, a girl who wears glasses needs options! One for every mood, outfit, and vibe.

I discovered a little over a year ago and was in awe by their selection of trendy frames for a fashionista on a budget. They have a great designer frames too, which we all love, but it was their Coastal brand that I gravitated towards. Having 2-3 frames in my arsenal gives me options, like shoes, the right pair of frames can change a look and bring it together.

The Derek Cardigan cat-eye frames are my go-to glasses when I want a retro feel to my outfits, they’re my play glasses and although I was worried they wouldn’t fit my face, using’s ‘Try On View’, I uploaded a photo of myself and saw they were a perfect match.

The Rootbeer frames, also from Derek Cardigan, have quickly become my everyday frames. The neutral brown color goes well with my hair color and are a great color to soften the face. I love black frames, but for a softer look with with a brown or peach color.

One of my favorite things about is that the give back to the world. When a pair of glasses are purchased, you are supporting the Change the View Project which gives sight, health, and protection to those who are less fortunate. To date, has helped over 300,000 worldwide by giving eyeglasses to children and adults who cannot afford corrective vision and protecting the eyes of people who are exposed to the damaging UV rays of the sun by providing 100% UV protective eyewear. You gotta love a brand that gives back.

coastal-cat-eye-glasses coastal-cat-eye-glasses-3 coastal-cat-eye-glasses-2

Also, did you know that your first pair of glasses are FREE? Find out more here.

coastal-derek-cardigan-eye-glasses coastal-derek-cardigan-eye-glasses-2 coastal-derek-cardigan-eye-glasses-3

These two frames were courtesy of

Music Monday: Radio Elei

   radio elei

Radio Elei is a Spanish rock band from Los Angeles whose two front women, are not only great entertainers, but sisters. The band formed in 2011 and on Saturday, they released their much anticipated album and music video for their single ‘Luz en la Oscuridad’ which you can see below. Isabella Espinoza, Natalia Espinoza, Vicentico Ronquillo, Gabriel Lorenzo and David Delamora make Radio Elei and while they come from different Latino background, it’s making music that brings them together. Their self titled debut album took two years to make, but based on the bands performances, it was well worth the wait. I really love the vocals of this rock en Español band, Isabella and Natalia have different styles, but they compliment one another very well, keeping true to a rock vibe. The guitar rifts also help the band stay true to rock/pop root. I’m lucky I can understand music in two languages, it opens up a while new world of music. No matter is you understand Spanish or not, good music is good music and Radio Elei is a band worth breaking the language barrier.

Radio Elei es una banda de rock en español de Los Angeles y los dos mujeres frente, no sólo son artistas talentosas , pero hermanas. La banda se formó en 2011, y el sábado, publicado su tan esperado álbum y el video musical de su single “Luz en la Oscuridad”. Isabel Espinoza, Natalia Espinoza, Vicentico Ronquillo, Gabriel Lorenzo y David Delamora hacen Radio Elei y mientras que provienen de diferentes orígenes latinos, es haciendo música que los reúne. Su álbum debut tomó dos años para hacer, pero en base a las actuaciones de grupos, que bien vale la pena. Me encanta los voces de esta banda de rock en Español, Isabel y Natalia tienen estilos diferentes, pero que se complementan bien, manteniendo una onda de rock. La guitarra divisiones también ayudan a la banda de permanecer fiel a raíz de rock / pop. Tengo la suerte de que puedo entender la música en dos idiomas, se abre un nuevo mundo, mientras que de la música.

radio eleiradio eleiradio elei

Photos taken by Alexis Rodriguez

A Black & Lace Summer

Yes, it’s summer, but does that stop me (or you) from wear black? Heck no. This dress from Torrid combines many elements of my style, I love the maxi length and I adore the black lace. Originally, the slip was the same length as the lace, hitting the ground. Realizing how beautiful the lace print was and using this as inspiration, I took a pair of scissors and cut the slip to above my knees. Pretty crafty, huh? 😉

And guess what? This dress from Torrid is currently on SALE! Although summer is almost over, you (because I know I will!) can rock this same maxi in the fall too. Layer the dress with your favorite pull over sweater, a cute beanie and your favorite pair of ankle booties and voila, a comfy, cool fall outfit. It’s never too early to start brainstorming fall looks, right?


Black Chiffon & Lace Maxi Dress: c/o Torrid || Bracelet: Jewelmint || Heels: Vintage

Music Monday: Morrissey

This isn’t a new song by a new artist, but I can’t help but sometimes listen to my go-to musicans, The Smiths and Morrissey being a couple of them. Many musicians have mentioned (and rightfully so) how The Smiths and Morrissey have inspired their sounds. Morrissey has been singing and playing music for 30 plus years and he seems to only get better with age. I’ve seen him a few times and that man is 54 years old, but rocks the stage as lively as he did in is 20’s. He makes girls (like myself) in their 20’s swoon, cry and go crazy. I’m have no doubt in my mind that man will reach 80 years old and still make me swoon. Forever and ever a Morrissey fan ❤

Instant Crush

Earlier this year, I discovered Los Angeles jewelry designer Jenny Dayco, I’ve worn her designs on my blog a few times (here and here) and she’s quickly become one of my favorite L.A. designers. Jenny has been very busy since we last chatted with her. Since February, she’s designed her Spring 2013 collection and most recently, designed amazing rings for Ke$ha’s Crazy Kids video.  Not only is she talented, but she’s a blast to be around.

A few weeks ago, Jenny introduced me to a talented Los Angeles apparel designer who just started venturing into the plus-size world and she is a forced to be reckoned with, because her designs and fit are what plus size women DREAM of. Deborah Viereck, behind the brand Viereck, in a native Angeleno and have been designing clothes for skinny women for years. Just a couple season ago, Viereck ventured into plus-size, a smart move given that most women in the U.S. are a 12/14. Within the first  couple seasons of designing plus-size, she caught the eye of Nordstorm and they started carrying her line. Her current line at Nordstorm also includes this gorgeous dress I borrowed.

The dress I’m wearing is her 2XL (sizes are 1XL, 2XL, 3XL) and it fits a little big, but when belted, looks great. The fit it what I’m crushing on, there are some many plus-size brands whose fit is just, weird and off, but Viereck’s is right on the money. The other thing I liked about the dress is the material, it’s light weight, iron free, but amazing quality. Perfect for plane rides or trips when you do not want to use the hotel iron.

Fusing premium fabrication, exquisite fit, and flattering silhouettes, Viereck constructs her garments with a costumer’s flair for the dramatic and a rock star sensibility. She is driven by a philosophy of edgy yet feminine sophistication, which is often how I describe my style, hence why she was an instant crush.

deborah_viereck4 deborah_viereck2 deborah_viereck deborah_viereck3 deborah_viereck5

Dress: Viereck || Necklace: Jenny Dayco || Belt: Borrowed from Jenny’s Closet

Mix & Match

Mixing prints can be a fashion challenge, but when executed well, can make a killer outfit.  My best advice, if you’re thinking about stepping out of your fashion comfort zone, is to start off with mixing up the classics, (like I did) enter polka dots and stripes. I added an acid wash denim jacket from Torrid to complete my textured look. From that point, mix and match to your hearts content, but don’t get too carried away, you don’t want to look like you got dressed in the dark.

There’s a list of staple items every girl, skinny or plus-size should have in her closet, the LBD, a blazer and one of my favorites, a denim jacket. Denim jackets can be worn through out the year, summer or fall and go great with an array of looks, from a sexy LBD, to high waisted shorts. I’ve worn this acid wash one from Torrid with denim skinny jeans, to these polka shorts, to an LBD–it gives my look this extra funky cool edge that I don’t mind.

glitterontheceiling_spots glitterontheceiling_spots2 glitterontheceiling_spots3 glitterontheceiling_spots5 glitterontheceiling_spots4 glitterontheceiling_spots10


glitterontheceiling_spots7 glitterontheceiling_spots8

Jacket: Acid Wash Denim c/o Torrid || Top: Vintage || Shorts: Forever 21 PLUS || Earrings: MissMatch Jewelry c/o Le Fashion Truck || Necklace: DTLA || Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Urban 1972 + Im Curvy

Last week I was invited to Urban 1972’s headquarters to preview their new summer collection and play dress-up with some of my favorite blogger babes like Marla from Marlita on the Run and Emily from Emmy J. I was a little nervous about going to the event in fear  they may not have anything in my size. When I arrived I was blown away to find that Urban 1972 had just launched their plus size brand IM Curvy.

Guess who was the first blogger to give the line a spin? 🙂 I was in love with the leggings you see the the photos, and like all leggings, they were super comfy. I’m a huge fan of textured tights and leggings and I did not want to take these off! The dress was also my favorite. It was comfortable and perfect for a night out with the girls or maybe even a Birthday. I love the mini turtle neck and I adore the double slits.

The following day, I clicked over to the newly launched Im Curvy site and was elated to see an array of current trends in the online store, ranging from a 1X to 3X. As a curvy girl, sometimes, I feel I’m not able to enjoy trends as much as regular sized woman because things simply don’t come in my size or doesn’t fit my body right. I was stoked to see trends such as cutout dresses, comic tees and crop tops, all in larger sizes.

Don’t be afraid to push the “standard” limits of what’s expected of plus size women, don’t be afraid to push your limits. Do what feels right and what you’re comfortable with and know that style has no size.

urban1972_2 urban1972_5

Get the Show Off leggings here and the Urban 1972 cross tank here.


I don’t take being in front of a camera very seriously, sometimes.

urban1972 urban1932_4 urban1972_3

It’s been a while since I fell this much in live with an LBD. Don’t be surprised if you see this dress again very soon. 😉 Shop the Double Splitted dress here.



Playing dress up with Emily from Storytelling by Emmy J


Myself with the ever-so-lovely Marla from Marlita on the Run


This outfit reminds me of how I use to dress in high school. A band t-shirt paired with something femminine and girly. My style in high school was very eclectic and over the years has been redefined (I would hope so, seven years later!). However, sometimes I find myself incorporating past style elements into my current style. It happens!

I’ve gotten back into band tees and graphic tees after staying away for three years and thinking about it now, I have no idea why I did that! T-shirts are comfortable and it’s fun to pair them with clothing pieces you wouldn’t expect, like a maxi skirt or  a fun graphic print, like my bodycon skirt. I also like to add a little bling to my graphic tees to give them an extra pop.

How do you wear your graphic tee?

Glitter-on-the-Ceiling Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-5 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-3 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-2 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-4

Band Tee: Joy Division || Skirt: Forever 21 Plus || Bag: c/o LuLu*s || Boots: BC Shoes