Lookbook Love: Torrid’s Holiday Collections

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of going to Torrid’s headquarters in Los Angeles to preview their holiday collection. I wasn’t sure how they were going to show off the news items, but when I walked in and saw the glitter background and runway, I instantly became excited. There were more than 30 looks, each I can seeing fitting into every girl’s closet. Below are some of my favorite looks, I love all the leather accents and the lace details. The jewel tones were also fun to watch coming down the runway. Who says fall has to be drab and filled with no color?

Another trend I saw on the runway was combining different styles, for example, adding some sparkle to a grunge inspired outfit or adding some preppy accents to a rock and roll outfit. The coolest part of the fashion show? The models showing off the clothes were Torrid store employees! Real girls, modeling clothes for us curvy ladies, it was amazing.

Most if not all these items are in stores and online now! From updating your fall wardrobe, to holiday parties, to a date night, to just getting your knit sweater fix, there is something for every girl in Torrid’s holiday collection. If you’re torn and are deciding on that ONE item, my pick is the vinyl jacket, the peplum jacket, or that gorgeous red sweater.

Which would you choose? Which looks are your favorite? To see the rest of the photos, head here.

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From Left: Monique from Curves and Chaos, myself and Jay Miranda from jaymiranda.com


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Lookbook Love: Marchez Vous Fall 2013

It’s been too long since I’ve done a Lookbook Love post and it’s a shame because there are so many designers who I love and want to share with you! A couple weeks ago I previewed the Marchez Vous fall 2013 collection and meet designer Yeardley Smith, who is an absolute sweetheart and beyond hilarious.

The overall design behind  Marchez Vous are shoes for the working woman. A pair of cute shoes and heels that don’t come with a day filled with pain. Smith told me that there was a lot of retro and classic inspiration behind her fall 2013 collection and as your scroll through the images, you can see the 1920’s and 1930’s inspiration. I’m a huge fan of the thicker, chunkier heel, I feel it gives me more support versus a stiletto where I feel at any moment it’s going to break under me.

Who ever said that a good pair of heels cannot be cute and fashionable was sadly mistaken. Marchez Vous’ fall collection is filled with heels that look amazing, but give enough support to strut around the world like it’s your runway.

Which style is your favorite? Find a location that sells Machez Vous in your area here.

Glitter-on-the-Ceiling_Marchez-Vous-Fall2013 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-Marchez-Vous-Fall2013_3 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-Marchez-Vous-Fall2013_4 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-Marchez-Vous-Fall2013_5 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-Marchez-Vous-Fall2013_6 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-Marchez-Vous-Fall2013_7 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-Marchez-Vous-Fall2013_8 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-Marchez-Vous-Fall2013_9 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-Marchez-Vous-Fall2013_10 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-Marchez-Vous-Fall2013_11 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-Marchez-Vous-Fall2013_12 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-Marchez-Vous-Fall2013_14 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-Marchez-Vous-Fall2013_15 Glitter-on-the-Ceiling-Marchez-Vous-Fall2013

Spring Fling || Penelope’s Vintage

As if it hadn’t been clear in other posts, I love vintage clothing. Clothes, jewelry and shoes from the ’60s to the ’90s easily take up space in my closet.I admire anyone who has shares my same love for vintage and Chanelle, from The Penelope Times not only loves vintage, but she has an online store filled with treasures. Her store, Penelope’s Vintage.

It’s kind of a funny story of how Chanelle and I became friends. I spotted her at an event in Santa Monica and LOVED her vintage outfit and took her photo for a Street Style feature (here). The rest is history and the Spring Fling lookbook looks like a slumber party I wish I had been invited to, MASH playing and all.

IMG_3921 IMG_3946 IMG_3957 IMG_4012 IMG_3997

Introducing the PV Beanies!

IMG_3866 IMG_38472