{Music Monday} Interpol El Pintor

One of my beloved bands Interpol, is releasing their new album El Pintor on September 9, but thanksĀ to NPR you can listen to the full album here. There single All The Rage Back Home, was released about a month ago and if this is any indication of how the album will sound, I’m excited. Since their 2004 album Antics, they lost me for a few years. Their 2007 album Our Live to Admire and 2010 self titled album Interpol, did not sit well with me, I missed the sound and feel of their first two albums and for me, there will be no better album than Turn On The Bright Lights.

From what I’ve heard so far of El Pintor, they seem to be channeling some of that post-punk, new wave feel Turn On The Bright Lights had, but at the same time keeping true to their new clean, dance inspired sound their newer albums have had. They’re getting ready to tour and I failed in getting tickets, damn those hipsters. Everything sold out SO fast, maybe I will have better luck on StubHub. Check out their video forĀ All The Rage Back Home below and happy Music Monday!